I am generally not very fond of drastic, image altering Photoshopping. I very rarely use textures in my photographs as I feel they serve as distractions from the substance of a good image that stands on it’s own.And it’s one helluva job to make them look convincing and natural.
Day before yesterday I did a shoot that was a period shoot that featured costumes and characters from the late 19th century. So just for fun I played around with a b/w layers, curves and scratch textures to see how it looks. I got some very interesting results. Perhaps because the content of the photo looked like it belonged in a faded old photograph. I experimented with a couple of tones and three turned out well.
You can see the main (less edited ) images from that shoot here . Just to gauge have far they’ve come.

21st post ! My blog comes of age 🙂 None of my other blogs have ever lived to see 21 posts.

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