New and Improved

I see a definite progress in how I edit my images .

Edit from August 2011

Edit from September 2012

Editing images is one of the most enjoyable parts of fashion photography for me. After all the tough parts of the shoot – conceptualizing , putting all the elements (styling + makeup + props + model + equipment) together in one place at the same time and then doing a grueling shoot, are are left with the images that you have dreamed about for days, even months at times. Then comes the very pleasurable part of playing with those beloved images in Photoshop. Cleaning them, tweaking the colors ever so slightly, experimenting with different tones/treatments…Oh the joy of elevating the photos to a new level,making them look even better than you’d imagined in the first place.
But one has to use this tool with a restraint and sensitivity that comes only from practice. And you’ll practice only if you enjoy it.
I should also add that no amount of Photoshopping can make a bad image into a good one. Editing is no substitute for good aesthetic sense and photographic skills. It can only enhance, not create what isn’t there.

This photo is from an old shoot with Rhea. You can see more images from the same in my portfolio on Behance.