This was one of my most memorable and satisfying shoot. I did this editorial/campaign shoot with collaboration with A’mru  a line of saris by designer Chhandak Jana (who also happens to be my batch-mate and good friend). We shot in his beautiful picturesque hometown Baidyabati in West bengal, an hour or two away from Kolkata. The area is lined with ancient Bengali houses and charming little lanes and lies on the shore of a river.For once we were spoilt for a choice of location. This was my first full blown planned shoot outside of a studio and other than the stills we also planned to shoot some film footage to make a fashion film.Out of nervousness on parts of both me and the designer, we planned every last detail and canvased the areas thoroughly a day or two before hand. We planned what we were going to shoot where at what time and in which order. I was still unsure of how exactly I was going to light my frames, however until we actually came to every change. But the nit picking and meticulousness helped. We had judiciously planned five changes in the day and we actually ended up doing eight.That almost NEVER happens 🙂
I have to thank Chhandak for not only giving me so much creative freedom with this shoot but for also putting together a great production with the right people, right locations, transport, food and all the other things that are so essential for the making of a good shoot. All this while being the makeup artist and being..well..the designer and client 🙂
Other than the shoot I spent a day in Kolkata, rode the tram (only surviving ones in India), listening to some lovely Rabindra Sangeet and had the indescribably delectable bengali food cooked by Chhandak’s mom. All in all this shot gave me the much needed fresh air in my head.

And now to the pictures. Hope you enjoy them !








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And the film :

Timber.Trunks.Trinkets from Uma Damle on Vimeo.

Sarees by Chhandak Jana for A’mru
Model: Yamini Periwal
MUA and Production: Chhandak Jana
Photography, Direction and Editing : Uma Damle

Baidyabati, West Bengal